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Perfect Petzzz

Perfect Petzzz Yorkie

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Perfect Petzzz interactive Original Yorkie gives you all the companionship benefits of having domesticated animals for a pet without the cumbersome and pricey upkeep. It lets you experience the perks and warmth of our interactive Yorkie , minus all the responsibilities.

Elderly and young children alike will love our oh-so-adorable pooch. Each Yorkie offers the enjoyment of owning a pet. Its synthetic fur is handcrafted to look and feel real. You can pet its soft synthetic fleece and hair and feel a genuine loving interaction. You can brush its hair while watching its belly move up-and-down as it breathes.

Take it with you anywhere you go. Our Yorkie makes a great substitute for real pets especially in senior communities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. You can take it to the office too. Keep them at non-pet-friendly residences such condominiums and college dormitories. In each Perfect Petzzz Yorkie set, you’ll find a collar with a pet tag, a luxurious pet bed, a travel box, a grooming brush, and 1 D alkaline battery. Plus, in completing the perfect realistic pet owner experience, you even get an adoption certificate for your Yorkie !

Once you’ve “adopted” the Perfect Petzzz Yorkie , which measures approximately 10”L x 7.5"W x 3.5"H, activate the battery to start its “breathing”. It will run continuously for about 2 months. To achieve the lifelike Perfect Petzzz ownership experience, there’s no on/off switch. You may replace the D alkaline battery with a new one after it has been completely discharged.