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b4 Adventure

Wiggle Walkers

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  • ACTIVE PLAY EVERY DAY - Encourage fun imaginative play while improving motor skills and agility. Your children will love attempting to navigate their environment with this fun, unique version of balance stilts.
  • IMPROVES BALANCE AND COORDINATION - The Playzone-fit Wiggle Walkers are a great way to improve your child's balance and coordination. Before you know it, your children will become pros at balancing themselves with this fantastic toy!
  • A FUN CHALLENGE FOR CHILDREN - The use of these foam balance stilts offers a fun challenge for children of all ages 3+. As children get the hang of using the stilts, they can better balance their bodies and stay coordinated for more extended periods.
  • ADJUSTABLE ROPES - The flexible and durable ropes consist of strong polyester material. The adjustable poly ropes are easy for small hands to grip and stretch as tall as 24 inches, making them great for taller children.