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tonies® x Steiff Jimmy Bear

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Every evening, as Lisa’s toy shop closes, magical things happen. When the moon shines through the shop window specks of dust dance through the air as Hoppie Rabbit and Jimmy Bear wake up and take a ride on the magical, mystical moonbeam slide to the Land of The Soft Cuddly Friends and their adventures begin.

Each of the two Soft Cuddly Friends Tonies contain six charming stories told beautifully by our cast of characters and narrated by Pete Coe.

Jimmy Bear is loyal and very affectionate when it comes to his friends - and he is always up for an adventure! Listen to these stories and find out how Jimmy Bear solves problems and rescues his friends.

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Friendship
  • Adventure
  • Problem Solving

Songs and Stories:

1. Welcome to the Land of the Soft Cuddly Friends

2. Soft Cuddly Friends Theme Song

3. Let’s Roar

4. Hide-and-Sneak

5. Slip & Glide

6. Jungle Band

7. The Perfect Seashell

8. Hand Over the Honey

9. Goodbye from the Soft Cuddly Friends

Total Run Time: 56 minutes