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Classic Tin Kaleidoscope

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Spinning, swirling colors and shapes! They mesmerize as the light filters and plays with the colors!

Invented in 1816, the kaleidoscope uses mirrors and objects in a tube to create a visual spectacle. Dr. David Brewster was a Scottish physicist, and his idea was to create the kaleidoscope to inspire artists and designers. It wasn't just a plaything!

It's like a moving, visual symphony, with no two patterns of colors and shapes ever quite alike.

Kids, artists, adults, the kaleidoscope has no age limit for fascination!

Rotate the end, take a peek, and prepare to be dazzled!

Classic Tin Kaleidoscope
  • A kaleidoscope just like you had as a kid!
  • Encourages interest in art, light, color, visual phenomenon
  • Be prepared for visual spectacle!
  • Peek through the eyepiece and hold the kaleidoscope up to the light
  • Rotate the end to send the colored beads spinning
  • Includes 1 kaleidoscope
  • Made of tin