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Dan& Darci

Root Viewer Kit for Kids - Grow Your Own Plant Garden

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  • Innovative Transparent Design: The Root Viewer offers a unique, see-through planter that reveals the fascinating underground world of plants. It's a window to the hidden growth of roots, making it an educational and exciting experience for young minds.
  • Complete Gardening Kit: This all-in-one package includes everything needed to start a mini garden: a transparent viewer box with lid, nutrient-rich soil, high-germination seeds (Spring Onion and Cilantro), fun and colorful stickers for personalization, and an easy-to-follow instruction guide.
  • Detailed Instructional Booklet: The included guide is more than just instructions; it's a gateway to understanding the wonders of botany. Clear, easy-to-follow steps and educational content ensure a rewarding and successful gardening experience.
  • Interactive Growth Tracking: With depth-tracking stickers included, kids can easily measure and record the growth of their plants. This interactive feature adds an element of game and challenge, keeping them engaged and curious.
  • Indoor Gardening Fun: The Root Viewer transforms indoor gardening into an exciting and accessible activity. No matter the weather outside, kids can grow and nurture their own vegetable garden, fostering a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.
  • Perfect Gift for Young Explorers: Ideal for sparking a love of nature in children, this kit is the perfect gift for your son, daughter, niece, or any young relative. It's not just a present but an engaging activity that blends science, fun, and creativity.