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Picasso Tiles

Picasso Tiles: All-in-one Art Easel With Accessories

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SPARK YOUR CREATIVITY- with our 360° dual whiteboard and chalkboard sides that offers more than one way to play allow your children to draw or write anything on the board that can be cleaned easily without leaving any marks on it - perfect for multiple artists to use at the same time.

ONE FOR ALL- the legs are adjustable to different heights with easy to use and safe knobs for your toddler from age 2 and up. All drawing accessories are included - 4 markers in blue, black, red and green, 1 eraser for both whiteboard and blackboard, 2 boxes of chalks, 1 chalk holder, 12 magnets, 2 marker storage cups, and 1 large storage tray for unlimited imagination.

BUILT AND TAKE APART- did you know the process of assembling can benefit children in multiple ways like problem solving, hand-eye coordination and more? The frame is also waterproof so it can be cleaned anytime to keep your kids germ-free.

100% SAFE MATERIAL- The easel is made from nontoxic and certificated material with long-lasting construction that comes with everything your kids need for drawing

FUN GIFT FOR KIDS- dedicate a space in your home for creativity, imagination and concentration that provides hours of entertainment and help children learn through playtime