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Give kids a break from the screen that they’ll truly enjoy. This craft kit includes all the supplies they’ll need to design their very own colorful “unicorn of the sea”. Stash favorite on-the-go items inside this uniquely-designed zippered wristlet.

This Narwhal Wristlet Craft Kit includes the following:

  • One customizable zippered narwhal wristlet (9″w x 5″h x 1″d)
  • Five vibrant non-toxic fabric markers
  • Add-ons to design an eye-catching fashion accessory
  • A small, reclosable, easy-to-carry bag (10.5″w x 8.75″h x 1.2″d)
  • ArtsBot sketchbook
  • ArtsBot stickers
  • Project tutorial
  • Fun Facts
  • TSA Compliant