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Mukikim - Shakewave

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  • THE ULTIMATE TOWER CHALLENGE: Shakewave is a new level of new stacking game. Instead of the traditional stacking blocks, the players place the "rollers" onto the "rotatable game base"! The higher you build, the more it wobbles!
  • PORTABLE FAMILY GAME SET: The stack game includes 24 rollers with 3 colors (white, blue, purple), a game base, a spinner, and a roller tote bag that can collect all the contents. Spin the spinner to place the roller(s) or turn the base.
  • BE THE LAST PLAYER: Spin the spinner, draw 1 or 2 rollers from the tote bag or turn the base, and be carefully not to make the rollers fall off the stack! Make sure the tower is stable and balanced! The last player remaining wins!
  • GRIPPING TENSION & BREATHTAKING SUSPENSE: It is not a classic dexterity game. Every roller seems to have a mind of its own: the rollers refuse to stay where you put them! Extra twist… the entire stack must be moved periodically on a rotating base during the game!
  • SUPER FUN FOR FAMILY / FRIENDS GATHERING: You are wrong if you think Shakewave is simple! It is not only about balance… the block game also promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill and depth perception training. Control your trembling hand... don't cause the tower to crash!