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Mini Band Set

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Learn to play the ukulele, tambourine, clapper, rattle and rainmaker yourself with this beginners instrument set!

* FIVE PIECE MUSIC SET-LETS START A BAND: The Mini Band Set comes with 5 different musical instruments to kick off your child's music making journey. Each set comes with a beautifully crafted ukulele(tunable), tambourine, clapper, rattle and rainmaker

* FINE MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Music will not only improve your child¡¥s auditory sense it will also help to improve their hand-eye-coordination as well as their ear-to-hand coordination.

* FLY SOLO OR BAND IT OUT: Whether your child wants to play all five instruments at once or go at it in your garage with his/her friends let them decide. If they do start a band their team building skills and relationship forming abilities will significantly grow

* SAFE TO PLAY WITH: Fear not the Mini Band Set is durable and child safe, it contains water-based paint and has non-toxic finishes. The ukulele has nylon strings which are gentle on children¡¥s hands