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Mighty Mountain Mine

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  • REALISTIC BOOM CRANE: From the top of the mountain, you can use the crane to load the train with supplies and follow the spiral track lower and lower into the mine. The crane turns 360 degrees, making a reassuring clicking noise as it moves.
  • 4-LEVEL PLAYSET: Navigate your way past the different hazards and features with this train tack toy. Cross the obstacle bridge and the rope bridge. Do not forget to ring the warning bell and pay a visit to the repair station
  • TRACK COMPATIBLE: Our wooden track width is 1.57", which could compatible with all other Hape wooden track.
  • ENCOURAGES IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY: Playing the mountain mine railway will entertain and provide many quality hours of fun with family and friends, while encouraging problem-solving as well as trust, friendship and language development when playing with a friend.
  • SAFE TO PLAY WITH: All Hape products are manufactured with sustainably sourced, high-quality materials and finished with non-toxic child-safe paints.