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Lava Labs Color-Ruption Experiment

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LAVA® Labs takes the wonder and captivation of the popular LAVA lamp to new levels with science-based, do-it-yourself activities. The instruction booklet includes fun volcano facts. LAVA Labs Color-Ruption lets you experiment with your choice of colors to explore and create a bubbling, mixing eruption of fun! Plus the detailed volcano chamber is a great display piece when not in use.


• LAVA® Labs Color-Ruption includes enough for 3 experiments!
• LAVA®Labs Volcano Chamber with base and cap stands 9.5″ high
• Explore the wonder and captivation of LAVA®lamp with science-based activities
• Do-it-yourself with adult supervision
• Detailed volcano chamber makes a great display piece
• Age 8+
• Includes: LAVA®Labs Volcano Chamber, base and cap, Plastic Funnel, 1 each of Red, Yellow and Blue LAVA®Color, Mixing Stick, Eruption Powder for 3 experiments, Instruction booklet including fun facts