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Hubelino Marble Lift

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Thanks to the ingenious technology of the marble lift, it‘s finally possible to transport your marbles right back to the start of the track after completing an exciting run. The open construction of the lift means it can be integrated anywhere within the marble run. Watch as your colorful marbles rise higher and higher up the transparent tubes until they finally reach the top ready to begin their next race around the run.

The marble lift accessory turns your marble run into a circuit started using a pump mechanism. The special component consists of a pump to power the marbles ascent, a rotating add-on, tubes and a starting position for your run. The pump can be easily operated by pressing a button which lifts the marble and secures it with a pawl. The next marble pushes the previous one up a level so that the tubes fill up until the first marble returns to the start again. The pump can be flexibly installed within the track in combination with the rotating add-on, adapting to any marble run construction. The transparent tubes are five blocks high so you can see many colorful marbles are already inside and the cool marble starting position then gives the marble the necessary momentum to start again in the track. The set includes the marble lift along with a total of three tubes and 18 colorful marbles.

All 24 parts and components of the Marble Lift Accessory are compatible with common components from other manufacturers and can therefore be creatively combined with your existing building blocks and theme worlds. Like all products from Hubelino, the Marble Lift Accessory is manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards.