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Halilit Baby Xylophone

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 The Halilit Baby Xylophone is a high quality, accurately tuned and colorful 8 note real musical instrument that has been especially designed for young children to make music. The note bars make a delightful sound and the chunky shape with rounded edges ensures the bars are inaccessible, making this instrument safe for prying fingers.

It even includes a specially shaped, baby-safe mallet that clips away on the base for easy storage and a color-coded music sheet with fun songs for your little one to learn. The Baby Xylophone helps to develop creativity, motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and teaches cause and effect and a great gift to introduce children to the joys of making music. 

Halilit's durable, safe and high quality musical instrument toys are used in pre-schools, baby groups and nurseries across the country, ensuring you're choosing a highly trusted and respected brand.