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Electronic Arcade Hover Shot

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  • The ultimate target shooting game is back and better than ever!
  • Hover Shot 2 has all the fun of the original Hover Shot game, with major upgrades in performance!
  • In this target shooting game each person tries to hit the most targets, however these are not normal targets!
  • Turn on the Hover Shot machine and 5 balls are suspended in mid-air by a current of wind!
  • For an extra challenge turn off the lights and the floating balls glow in the dark!
  • Includes 2 sizes of ball for 2 levels of difficulty
  • Includes a powerful precision blaster & performance darts to take aim & fire!
  • How many shots do you need to KNOCK all the floating balls out of the AIR?
  • Includes 1 target air base (35 x 7.7 x 29 cm), 1 air-powered blaster, 6 soft foam darts, 12 soft Styrofoam balls, 4 silicone feet and instructions.