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Fingears Magnetic Rings (Set of 3)

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This premium silver version of the FinGears rings is distinguished by the special quality of the silver coating and the quality of the plastic parts. When you take the three rings out of the original box, you will immediately feel the improved smoothness of rotation and the pleasant tick of the rings covered with a particularly strong layer of metallized silver coating. 16 magnets inside each ring allow you to perform any trick from our collection of tricks. For this version we have created a special packaging design that emphasizes their exquisite shine. This version of the rings has a universal size and cannot be disassembled manually.

The FinGears community consists of people who have highly appreciated the original magnetic rings as a fidget to relieve mental overload. It is a sporting tool for the fingers used for passive neurogymnastics.

They are great for improving focus when dealing with ADHD, as confirmed by the psychological community.

It is a great fidget with which you can do many tricks. We offer several signature tricks on our website. There are also several board games with rings that you can play with your friends. Create your own moves and games with rings and help us bring a bit of positive emotions to this world together with FinGears!

    FinGears M-19mm Set

    FinGears M-19mm Set — is an original toy for fascinating leisure time and relaxation. Anybody, from a small kid to an elderly person can play with FinGears M-19mm. No learning needed to start playing, just put one ring on your finger, magnetize the rest ones to it, and here the fascinating game starts.