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Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Scrawlers Heros Of Waterdeep

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  • LIGHTING FAST - The real-time, lighting-fast dungeon racing game is back with new challenges, new dungeons and a new game mode! Race your opponents through a thrilling dungeon scrawl!
  • STAND ALONE GAME has everything you need to play through its challenging dungeons, and a new mini-dungeon mode! 16 Double-sided Dungeon Sheets, 5 Characters, 16 Mini-dungeon cards, 4 Boss, Key, orb and Coin tokens, 4 Markers, Rulebook.
  • NEW MODE! - The game includes a deck of “mini-dungeon” cards for when you drop to a deeper layer of the dungeon. Each one is unique, providing different paths for players. You can play an always-changing game mode with just the dungeon cards.
  • EXPLORE NEW LOCATIONS - Journey to Waterdeep, as you explore a wide variety of locations: haunted streets, crowded ports, labyrinthine hedge mazes, and even take on Xanathar in his lair!
  • PERFECT FOR GAME NIGHT - Prepare for an intense 15 minute race for 2-4 players, ages 10 +. Speed through the dungeons using a single line, along the way facing challenges that earn them points.