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Domino Train

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The best part of dominoes is watching them all tumble.

The worst part? - Setting them back up.

Luckily, the Domino Train is here to help!

Fill the cartridge with all the colorful dominoes and then plug it into the top of the train engine. - "All aboard! It's domino time!"

Flip the switch on the side of the engine and - Choo choo! - The train takes off, leaving a perfect trail of dominoes behind it!

Twist the smokestack left or right to change directions. Stop and start as much as you like to make as many breaks in the chain as you want.

All the while, a bright front light and exciting bell sounds add an extra boost of pretend-play fun!

Finally, once the last domino is dropped into place, set up the two cactus starting pieces, take a deep breath, and get ready for the domino-toppling action.

The timeless delight of dominoes becomes more fun than ever with the Schylling Domino Train!

Schylling Domino Train
  • Train engine that sets up dominoes into perfect rows
  • Encourages fine motor skills, cause-and-effect learning, creativity
  • Setting up dominoes becomes just as fun as knocking them down!
  • Fill up the cartridge with dominoes, plug it into the train, turn on the train
  • Twist the smokestack to steer the train left or right
  • Train features front light, plays fun sounds as it rolls
  • Use cactus pieces to easily start the domino toppling
  • Includes train with cartridge, 80 dominoes, 2 cactus accessories
  • Requires 2 AA batteries - Not included
  • High-quality materials for lasting durability