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Dope Slimes

Dope Slime Christmas Trio Slime Pack

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  • This Christmas Trio Slime Pack Includes Crushed Candy Cane Glimmer, Christmas Tree and Winter Wonderland Swirl slimes in super cute packaging!
  • Crushed Candy Cane Glimmer is a Bingsu Bead slime with iridescent white and red Bingsu Beads. It smells Just like the name. This slime is Super Fizzy and inflates a ton!
  • Exclusive microDOUGH texture is perfect for the holidays! Bright, vibrant Christmas green color filled with micro foam beads that give it a unique, mesmerizing feeling that you wont be able to put down. Scented strongly just like a fresh evergreen Christmas Tree & topped with mini rainbow pearls and Xmas Tree jumbo fimos!
  • Winter Wonderland Swirl is a stunning light blue and white slime. Scented blue raspberry with a hint of breeze (mint).
  • This trio also includes a slime activator pen; easily reactivate and rejuvenate your slime with our pre-mixed activator pen.
  • Ages 5+