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Carrera First Mario Kart - Slot Car Race Track with Spinners - Includes 2 Cars: Mario and Peach

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Get ready to race with your favorite Nintendo Mario Kart characters in this head-to-head duel between Super Mario and Princess Peach! Children as young as 3 years old can now grab the controls and speed around this kid-friendly, battery powered slot car racetrack! Zoom through the spinners on each pass and find out which car has what it takes to capture the checkered flag as you are in control behind the wheel.

This beginning first slot car racing system will provide countless hours of fun for the young child in your life as you introduce them to the world of slot car racing. Each Carrera FIRST slot car racing set features a fun themed setting on a track built around their favorite car, TV, movie, or video game characters. Your child will find staying on the track easy with the magnets located on the bottom of the car and electronically regulated speed controllers allowing them to race non-stop in head-to-head action against their friends and family.

Complete 7.87-ft. Slot Car Set includes track, Mario Kart themed track decor, 2 speed controllers, and 2 cars.