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Marky Sparky

Blast Pad Rocket Launcher

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  • GET OUTSIDE AND PLAY: Our kid attention winning design can launch a rocket over 200 feet! Just stomp on the large volume Blast Pad and watch the air rocket soar into the sky. See just how far this long range high flying Blast Pad can send your rockets.
  • DEVELOP STEM SKILLS: Young or old, boy or girl, kids of all ages will love jumping and stomping to make their rocket fly higher, faster and further! Fun active learning in the backyard, playground, or just outside fun, Blast Pad is a sure hit at birthdays and group playing activities.
  • OUTPERFORMS COMPETITION Basic Foam Rockets: It is designed durably to handle jump after jump, launch after epic launch. Our rockets will fly higher and stay airborne longer during descent than any other stompable rocket in its class.
  • GET UP AND GET ACTIVE: Outdoor play for kids creates opportunity for fitness, builds healthy hearts and bones, develops social skills and coordination, and can improve emotional well being.
  • ALL ABOUT FUN: More than anything, our foundation is built on fun. Anyway you play, and if you’re smiling & laughing, we’ve done our jobs correctly.