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Squishmallow 10 Inch Hugmees Raina

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  • EACH SQUISHMALLOW HAS A UNIQUE PERSONALITY - Meet Raina the Penguin. She enjoys working with numbers and solving puzzles. She creates a plan of action and uses that to get things done. Even her garden was designed with a beautiful blueprint in mind! If you need a plan, she's your gal!
  • PERFECTLY SIZED HUG MEES SQUISHMALLOWS - These plushies are 10 inches (25cm) of warm cuddly fun - just the right size to carry everywhere
  • SUPER SOFT - Made from incredibly cozy- polyester fiber, these squishy toys have a marshmallow-like texture that's pillow-soft
  • EASY CARE - These cute stuffed animals are machine washable and so easy to clean and care for
  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES - for kids, teens, or adults, there's so much to love about these Squishmallows